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ABOUT Xiwei Wang



Photography has been an essential part of my life. The spontaneous process has always healed me by giving me a corner to be at ease with myself and self-expression. With 5 years of uninterrupted exploration and experimentation, I have a very determined version and have found the meaning of photography for me. Regarding non-portrait photography, I hope the viewer can awaken a memory or inspiration in their mind through my images so that an idea can be created and derived. Everyone can be a creator, and the trajectory of our lives gives each image a story of its own. In portrait photography, I think each person is unique and should not be easily defined. I strive to showcase each person's individual charm as we often hide our charm in silence. I hope I can not only help you show the most genuine and character side, but also let you explore a new look of yourself. Let's frame your exclusive memories together, look forward to meeting and working with you.

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